Sunday, August 24, 2008

Walking Inside Yourself #2

i see my grandmother
and see my silver cage
with blood and the
slithering heart is
gone somewhere
in my body.
my heart feels
like my mom's
cooking mushrooms.
i see a piano lying down
feeling so sad because
my grandmother
is dead and i wish
she never died.
my weather feels dead
like my grandmother.
she's dead even though
she didn't want to die.

3rd grader, not sure who wrote this..., columbus

Walking Inside Yourself

i walk inside myself and
see a scared, spotted snake
slithering to the planet

the floor was shaking
as fast as someone
on a motorcycle

and i see a soufle
of fluffiness

a forest of words

i walk inside myself
and see a piano plucking
the keys out and getting
a tissue box

i walk inside myself and
see more and more melting
monkies mowing lawns

by christina, 3rd grade, columbus