Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm ________________________MAD! a social justice writing workshop with Lady Terror @ Crown

8th grade students in Luke Albrecht's math class at Crown Academy are working with me and performance poet Lady Terror on a social justice writing project that explores food as freedom. What is enough? How is food like freedom? What is worth gettting mad about and why? This is a project through Columbia College Chicago's Center for Community Arts Partnerships. Here are some responses to the poetic question: What kind of mad are you?!

I'm balistic mad.
I'm driving in a wall mad.
I'm devil mad.
I'm social justice mad.
I'm hit my cat mad.
I'm 2010 mad.
I'm hitting the locker mad.
I'm Tears of a Tiger mad.
I'm fighting my mom mad.


I'm brothers mad.
I'm brother took my X-box mad.


I'm throwin' people out the window mad.
I am on fire mad.
I am punching the wall mad.
I feel like killing myself mad.


I'm stomping mad,
fire off the black board
Mr. A on my case mad.
I'm smack my momma mad,
flamin' hots mad,
smash a window mad
ball your fist mad
red stop sign mad.
I'm failing math mad
wanna torch the school mad
just wanna quit school mad...


I'm the devil mad
I'm smokin' someone mad
I'm walkin on the moon mad
runnin' this town mad
turning my swag on mad


I'm fire mad
I'm crying red mad
I'm jump off a bridge mad
I'm going in a lion cage mad
I'm getting my face ripped off mad
I'm run away from home mad


I'm red pissed off
I need to get away
I'm red mad bloody red mad
like, damn! red get off red
just let me be mad.
Get out of my head mad.
Stay off my feet mad.
Just let me be mad
cause you don't know me mad
I'm red mad, just like red man,
He's red mad.


I'm black and red mad
momma steady yelling mad
shootin' up my brain mad
crying black tears mad
I wanna kill this cat mad
I wanna go home mad
I wanna jump in the river mad
I'm Darkness by Dawn mad
I'm crazy mad
I'm Latoya mad
I'm teenage mad
I'm scholastic mad
I'm rotation mad
I'm translation mad
I'm dotted mad
I'm itchy mad

Brittany D.

I'm Michael Jackson mad
Jason mad Freddy Krueger mad
I'm cyclops mad
I'm garbage man mad
I'm black mad
I'm five heart beats mad
I'm busting glass mad
I'm kick my neighbor
bust my head mad
I'm ignited and damned mad
I'm undertaker mad
I'm nightmare mad
I'm ripping my heart out mad


I'm sabertooth mad
I'm extreme mad
I'm killing spree mad
I'm wolverine mad
I'm out of my mind mad


I'm gun mad
I'm diamond mad
I'm jerkin' mad
I'm mowing the lawn mad
I'm washing the dishes mad
I'm cleaning the whole house mad
I'm doing my essay mad
I'm dancing mad
I'm listening to music mad
I'm dreaming of me as a robot mad
I'm vocabulary mad
I'm spelling mad
I'm on stage singing mad


I'm emotional mad
I'm crazy, stupid, sick mad
World going crazy mad
Cursing out people mad
Crying mad


I'm riping up my social security card mad
I'm burning stuff up mad
I'm jump off a mountain mad


I'm baby just born mad
I'm crying light green tears mad
I'm dumping my lover mad
I'm writing so much mad
I'm putting my head in the toilet mad
I'm mummy mad
I'm shrinking mad


I'm driving my car mad
I want to frighten a cat mad
I want to be a baby mad
I'm climbing up the tree mad


I'm skinny mad
I'm hungry mad
I'm throwing my computer out the window mad


I'm pissed off mad
I'm emotional mad
I'm black, blue, red mad
I'm glad I'm mad
I'm crazed energetic mad
I'm betrayed mad
I'm damn-gotta-problem mad
I'm just me so let me be mad
I'm putting somebody in the locker mad
I'm screaming mad
I'm hitting my mom in the face mad
I'm burning up mad

Brittany R.

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