Thursday, January 21, 2010


1. pick 3 pieces in an exhibit
2. choose something that represents a type of beginning, middle/shift, and finale/endpoint/conclusion
3. in your own mind, what is the story of these 3 pieces?
4. draw 3 squares horizontally
5. visually represent/draw the first piece in first square, 2nd piece in 2nd square, 3rd piece in 3rd square
6. under each drawing, tell a brief story of your drawing
7. at the end you have 3 drawings and 3 short writings/descriptions that tell a story. it looks kind of like a comic strip
8. share with the person next to you

this was lead by evan plummer and mario rossero and it really invites viewers to connect with works of art in new ways/make meaning. try it the next time you go to an exhibit!

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