Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Experiment: If.When.Then @ Crown -- Day One

Day One @ Crown

Conditional Exercise -- if/when/then in pairs

If I was a mountain,
then you would be an orange.

If I was a can,
then we would all live on the moon.

If I was pink,
then I would fly above the moon.

If chocolate tasted like mice,
then we would go swimming.

If you stop licking your lips,
then you will wear tight pants.

If I drove a car,
then I would leave.

If the world spun very fast,
then bubbbles would be blue.

If my head was big,
then I would get married.

If I die today,
then I won't see another tomorrow.

If I was a tree,
then I would cry.

If I get an A in math class,
then pizza will always be for breakfast.

If I was a boy,
then I would die.

If I turned to page 6,
then I will cry.

If I was to eat an apple,
then I would fall.

If I read a book,
then tigers would sleep in my classroom.

If I see Ms. Amanda,
then I would break a pencil.

If I ran outside,
then I would sleep forever.

If I ride horse,
then I will wish upon a star.

If I were to cut myself,
then I would be sure to smile.

If a giant learned algebra,
then you would get smaller.

If you look on the sole of your shoe,
then flowers will bloom.

If my leg didn't hurt,
then blue would be purple.

If I had a million dollars,
then I am going to dig a tunnel to Australia.

If I was Jamaican,
I would buy you a wig.

If you fly,
I will die.

If I fall off the bridge,
then I'll never know the real truth.

If I tie my shoe,
then I will marry J.

If I was to fly like a bird,
then you have to dance silly.

If I was the sky,
then you'd have to do the lean wit-it, rock wit-it.

If I was the moon,
I'd dress nicely.

If you start crying,
I will cheer you up.

If I were you,
then I'd lose myself in the world.

If two stars cross in the night,
then I will leave you.

If the world was no longer a world,
I'd wear my socks all at the same time.

If god hears my prayer,
I'll go the store and buy pigs' feet.

If I call you tonight,
then we could go to sleep.

If I beat someone up,
we'd go to sleep at dawn.

If I went to sleep,
then you would turn purple.

If I was blind,
you'd wake up wheezy.

If I go to school,
then I'll love you forever.

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