Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Experiment: Name Squared -- Day One @ Crown Part II

What's a poem, squared? After a conversation on rules -- inventing them, breaking them, knowing them, we decided to count the letters in our names and write poems that was equal to that number, squared -- as many lines as words per line. We also discussed the reason why we call something "squared" -- remembering the actual shape of a square and denoting base x height. We reviewed the notion of "function rules" and "substitutions" and listed the various modes of expression -- algebraic, concrete, numerical, verbal, and graphical -- making ties between those forms of expression in math and the ways in which our poetry/theater connected.

Here are a few examples of NAMES SQUARED!

L E R O Y (5)

say hi and good bye
see you again another time
when life is just right
see you in high school
see you in college years

T A T Y A N A (7)

Tatyana is a thirteen year old girl.
She is a creation to the world.
She's brilliant, talented, and funny. And sometimes,
her nose is a little runny. I
really like Tatyana. She's a really cool
person. She lights up my day. She
makes me feel great. I love Tatyana.

K H A R I (5)

When I think of me,
I think proud and free.
Love, faith, and belief is
a part of you and me.
Don't cry -- your hopes fly.

T Y L E S H I A (8)

I am short, silly, and really kind, small.
Every day I wonder if I were tall.
I am little, but I have a big
Dream. A dream that is more than it
May seem. I am a cool person to
be around. I like to walk and shop
all over town. So I am true and
me, the best that I can always be.

D E N I S H A (7)2

I really dn't know what to do.
This whole thing has me feeling blue.
I feel like I'm about to cry
but I'm holding the tears back in
my eyes. What's wrong with me, I
say to myself as I hold my
tears. Then I think I'm going away.

N I C O L E (6)

In the dark, scared and alone.
Where am I going now, friend?
If that is your real name.
You don't understand! The pressure's on!
I must fight this mirror fight
with the girl I don't like.

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