Thursday, April 16, 2009

Experiment: Rule-Making/Team Work @ Crown April 16, 2009

Today, the algebra/theater group broke up into two teams. Their challenge was to devise a series of directions for the other team that would result in some sort of poetic outcome. The group decided to split according to gender -- boys and girls in two separate teams. They had 4 minutes to devise the directions/rules. Once devised, the teams swapped directions and had an additional 10 minutes to execute the directions given to them.


1. Walk the circle (there was a circle in the room drawn on the floor). Find the diameter of that circle and that will equal the # of words per line.

2. Think of your birth month. The number of letters in your birth month is the # of lines in your poem.

3. Then come up with 3 emotions and that is the poem's theme.


I was mad at my friend because
she lied and made me feel sad.
But now she apologized and we're ok,
Not doing great, but I'm not mad.
She left me hanging in the dark
And now our relationship has a spark.
Now it's over, we talked it through.
But now our friendship is seriously true.

written by Tyleisha

I hate being this way, I cry and

Everyday I look into different
parts of my life.

It's full of silent dark. When
you look

into my eyes, I feel hurt and
despised. So

go away, leave me alone and don't
call my

phone. Today is not the day
So go home.

written by Shiara

Depressed, you could say, is how I feel.
Excited is how I feel the day after that.
I'm sad the days I can't have my way.
Today is the day I can't have my way.
So how do I feel? Well, sad of course.
I can't recall a time where I was depressed.

written by Tatyana

Look and stare and wonder why
sad, upset
Do you know why you are really mad?
Cheer up -- get glad, about the things you do
Sad, cheer up, get glad
Stay on your head

written by Jasmine

I am so mad right about now.
I am so mad that it makes
me sad, I hate being sad, man.
I'm so sad until I'm just mad.
I don't know whether or not I'm
more of mad or more of sad.
I'm sad and mad to say that
say that I'm indeed confused today.

(9 lines -- 7 words per line)

written by Denisha


Add up all the # of letters in each person's name in your group. After you do that, you must then divide that number by the number of people in your group. Then when you have figured that # out, then figure out what position that # is in the alphabet (ie: 7=G). Then write a poem beginning with that letter as a group.


Total # of letters in all the group member names = 42
Divided by 7 people in the group = 6

Friday is fun
for friends
who like to
fry french fires
on a freezy day.

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