Thursday, April 30, 2009

Experiment 4.16 -- What Are You Doing?

During our April 16th session, we learned the "what are you doing" performance/improv game. Students took turns acting out the directions given by their partner, while still performing the one given to them. This generated a whole list of interesting verbs, which we then turned into poems we considered "versions of me."

Here's a great poem by Nicole:

I am drowning in my own
sad disposition of hate and anger

I am giving birth to life; life that
cannot be put back.

I am riding a dragon to the never
ending story.

I am spinning in a tight circle.

-- by Nicole S.

I'm playing football with the Michael Jackson glove on
I'm fighting a snake
I'm having a seizure
I'm singing
I'm skipping around
I'm lying on hot rocks

-- by Danielshe

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