Thursday, April 30, 2009

Experiment Chalk Out Loud April 30, 2009

Today, the amazing Algebra students worked together to piece together a small spoken word piece related to thoughts/feelings on RULES. We returned to our chalk talk days to select interesting lines and bits of text. Students memorized their lines and work in trios to set an order to their lines. Here's a copy of our script in progress:

BOYS: Promise
GIRLS: Commitment
BOYS: Participate
GIRLS: Community
BOYS: Function
GIRLS: Discipline
BOYS: Oath
GIRLS: Directions
BOYS: Boundaries
GIRLS: Repercussions

RODNEY: Silent reading – it’s a waste of 20 minutes because nobody silently reads 4 real.
DEMARIO: Look both ways – or you will get hit by a car.
JOSHUA: [------]
TYRELL: I don’t like the walk the dog rule, but I have to do it or else she’ll pee everywhere!
LEROY: I hate it when other people don’t do the dishes.
KHARI: It’s hard because sometimes I want to learn from my own mistakes -- not from yours.
TATYANA: There are different things that might happen to you when you don’t follow rules or by not listening. People have their own ways of dealing with it – depending on what they did or done.
DENEISHA: I got in big trouble for leaving my little sister at home while I was out with my friends. She was only 7 years old!
DANIELSHE: My mom slapped me for lying to her and she stopped giving me money.
SHIARA: I love school. To me, it’s not a waste of time. Do you like it?
TYLEISHIA: I hated it when I was your age, teachers were bossy, but now…I have good memories.
FELICIA: I hate school too. Sometimes I think about dropping out – at least most of the time!
JASMINE: Even though you are legally grown, at that age too much freedom could be a problem.
BOOKER: Stop looking at me, alright?
CARNAIL: Even though I don’t like rules, I think that we should have them for a lot of reasons.

Students also swapped invented directions for writing poems today and have one week to complete the assignment devised by a fellow classmate. I can't wait to see how this goes! These students are brilliant.

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