Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Traveler Poem -- April 22 @ Columbus

Thanks to the amazing poet, Elspeth Murray, currently residing in Edinburgh, Scotland, who tipped me off to the work of George MacKay Brown, we read "Beachcombers" and followed his form to write traveler poems of our own.

The Scary Desert

Monday I saw snakes hissing at me.
They were following me and they
were hissing so they can eat in half.

Tuesday I saw a camel stampeding
at me so it can trample me.
I ran so I couldn't get trampled.

Wednesday I saw some spiders.
They were shooting webs at me.
But this time the spider got me.

Thursday I saw a big hole.
I stepped inside it and a tarantula hit me.
I was hurt bad and poisoned.

Friay I saw a rattle snake
rattling its tail.
It was coming toward me, I ran away.

Saturday I saw a lot of
animals attacking.
That was a scare.

by Adam W.

Incredible snippets:

Friday I saw a space
I realized it was mine.

Sunday I found myself
in a bowl that was much bigger than me.
It was all filled with gold.

by Vitaliy D.

Watching movies, hitting
the t.v., I saw a ghost
in the wrestling ring.

by Sebastian G.

Tuesday I heard
a song
kiss me through
the phone.

Monday -- I was on an island, lost.
I grew a long beard. I had to
bite on it to cut it. Then I
could not do anything. I could not
eat, catch, fish, or sleep.

by Brandon

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