Thursday, April 23, 2009

Experiment One, Two, Three @ Crown April 23, 2009

When Elly Goodman, a theater artist and educator from Scotland, came to visit us in Chicago, she taught us a great theater warm up where two people count back and forth up to 3. Then we replaced one with a snap. Learned that pattern. Replaced two with a clap, learned that pattern. Last, we were asked to replace three with a move/sound of our own. The students @ Crown really enjoyed this game. So today we turned that theater exercise into a poetry exercise. Students started with three words, and then step by step substituted one word for another until they created an entire sequence of poetic lines.

free police station
stay police station
stay in station
stay in the game

by Kewon P.

pretty good eat
mad good eat
mad sing eat
mad sing adventures

by India J.

dead hate forgotten
tears hate forgotten
tears die forgotten
tears die before laughter

by Nicole S.

young, smart, fly
young, cool, fly
young, cool, stop
young, cool, stop hating

by Jiome S.

pow, stop dead
bang, stop dead
bang run dead
bang run cry

by Deandre F.

care friends trust
happy friends trust
happy boom trust
happy boom an angel

by Tyleisha L.

love hurts slow
falling hurts slow
falling happens slow
falling happens fast

by Jasmine H.

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