Thursday, May 14, 2009

Experiment Try My Idea by Crown Algebra Students

Directions by Nicole Smith:

Close your eyes and think of a food. It can be whatever food you want.

If you thought of a healthy food, multiply the number of vowels by 2. If it's a junk food, multiply the vowels by 5.

Once you multiplied your food vowels, write a poem with a squared number of multiplied vowels.

When you're done, stand up.

When you stand up, shout, "hurray!"


6 squared=36
36 vowels

I have a decision to make.
It's not all fun and cake.
to do my stop tomorrow,
or go to a funeral with sorrow. Sorrow.


by Tyleshia Lynn

Felicia Townsel's Rules

Go in the hall
Walk 3 squares
Then jump however many times
the number of letters in your name.
Untie your shoe.
Write a poem
about the first thing you see
After doing this.

Results by Shiara Jackson

My stomach is turning upside down
It feels as if my world is crashing around.

I feel kind of weak inside and out
My legs are wiggling and I'm about to sprout.

Now I realized I shouldn't have jumped so much
And right now, I can hardly think about lunch.

Shiara Jackson's Rules:

You have to repeat the word amazing 5 times.
The number of letters in your name is the number of words per line.
Your poem has to be about your favorite president of the United States, past or present.

Results by Felicia Townsel:


He is amazing, just so, so amazing
People be praisin' him, just just praisin' him
Cause he is just so, so amazing
He is Obama. I love him like
my momma. Cause he just so amazing.
Obama is amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, amazing.

Demario's Rules:

Walk 20 steps.
Turn to the right.
Write about the first thing you see.

Results by Tyrell:

The thing that I
see is the dream.
They say it is one
And he say we all
have one dream.
And they say


Kewon Pettis' Rules

Figure out when Mr. Albrecht was born.
Add up the numbers of that year.
That number will equal the number of words in your poem.
Find the letter in the alphabet that goes with each number of the year.
Look up and write down the first thing you see.
Every line of your poem will start with the letters that go with the numbers.
Your poem is about the first thing you see.

Results by Demario:

1+9+7+6 = 23

The first thing that I see is a book about eggs.

A+ on that summary about the book about eggs.
I hate eggs.
G is the last two letters of
the word egg.
Friday, we'll be finished with
the book about eggs.


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