Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Walk on the Beach -- a group poem by 2nd graders @ Columbus Elementary School May 2009

On The Beach

I saw an igloo made of ink in India.
Peter saw purple pollen on a banana peel.
I found fifty fingers in Florida.

Carlos caught classy schools with high cholesterol
But Cindy was cold with crabs, caught creatures
In the sea – coconut caught Carlos’ attention.

I found a ruby.

I do want to see you.
I do not want to see you cry.

I found sea turtles.
I found shark bones.

Van on the beach.
Violin on the beach.
Violets on the beach.
Violas on the beach.

George guarded the garden.

I found schools, and sharks, and starfish and shells and seven squares.
I found a net of nickels, one hundred pennies and a parakeet.

People push people – all people – every day – until they push.

I found a nun, preying.
I found jam and jello and jacks and Joe and jelly beans and Jupiter and jeans and justice.

I saw a turtle and the turtle was big.
I found a turtle in the water.

I found a jelly sandwich and a jack in the box.
I found ants and angels and apples on the beach.
I found pretzels and parents and Paul’s pencils, pickles, popcorn, and pants.
I found a cat fish.
I found a shell in the sand.

I found a beach ball and boats and volleyballs and last but not least, bathing suits.

I found a girl standing in the water.
My brother bought boats, breakfast in bowls.

I found a concert ticket with a backstage pass with a key next to it.
I found a koala swimming with a kangaroo.
A snake slithered somewhere.

By Columbus Elementary School 2nd grade class with Ms. Pino -- 2009

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